preCICE v3.1.2
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 NpreciceMain namespace of the precice library
 NaccelerationImplementations of acceleration schemes
 NactionActions to modify exchanged data
 NcomData communication abstraction layer
 NconstantsNames for files and common value types
 NcplschemeImplementations of coupling schemes for coupled simulations
 NioImport and Export of the coupling mesh and data
 NloggingLogging framework
 Nm2nLogic of the parallel communication between participants
 NmappingData mapping from points to meshes
 NmathGeneral mathematical constants and functions
 NmeshMesh, Data and primitives
 NpartitionPartitioning of distributed meshes
 NprofilingProfiling utilities
 NqueryGeometrical queries
 NtestingTesting framework
 NtimeTime interpolation logic
 NtoolingContains the preCICE tooling API
 NutilsPrecice-related utilities
 NxmlXML configuration parser
 CParticipantMain Application Programming Interface of preCICE. Include using #include <precice/precice.hpp>
 CspanA C++ 11 implementation of the non-owning C++20 std::span type
 NstdSTL namespace
 Ctuple_element< I, precice::span< ElementType, Extent > >
 Ctuple_size< precice::span< ElementType, Extent > >