preCICE v3.1.2
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precice::m2n::WhiteboxAccessor Struct Reference

struct giving access _useOnlyPrimaryCom More...

#include <M2N.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static auto useOnlyPrimaryCom (PtrM2N m2n) -> typename std::add_lvalue_reference< decltype(m2n->_useOnlyPrimaryCom)>::type

Detailed Description

struct giving access _useOnlyPrimaryCom

Definition at line 256 of file M2N.hpp.

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◆ useOnlyPrimaryCom()

static auto precice::m2n::WhiteboxAccessor::useOnlyPrimaryCom ( PtrM2N m2n) -> typename std::add_lvalue_reference<decltype(m2n->_useOnlyPrimaryCom)>::type

Definition at line 257 of file M2N.hpp.

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