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precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext Struct Reference

Holds meta information to perform a convergence measurement. More...

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Public Member Functions

std::string logHeader () const

Public Attributes

PtrCouplingData couplingData
bool suffices
bool strict
impl::PtrConvergenceMeasure measure
bool doesLogging

Detailed Description

Holds meta information to perform a convergence measurement.

dataAssociated data field
couplingDataCoupling data history
sufficesWhether this measure already suffices for convergence
strictWhether non-convergence of this measure leads to a premature end of the simulation
measureLink to the actual convergence measure
doesLoggingWhether this measure is logged in the convergence file

Definition at line 488 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ logHeader()

std::string precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::logHeader ( ) const

Definition at line 495 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ couplingData

PtrCouplingData precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::couplingData

Definition at line 489 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

◆ doesLogging

bool precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::doesLogging

Definition at line 493 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

◆ measure

impl::PtrConvergenceMeasure precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::measure

Definition at line 492 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

◆ strict

bool precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::strict

Definition at line 491 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

◆ suffices

bool precice::cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme::ConvergenceMeasureContext::suffices

Definition at line 490 of file BaseCouplingScheme.hpp.

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