Modify native SU2 files to couple with other solvers or SU2 itself

What is this?

The SU2-preCICE adapter is an extended version of the compressible SU2 CFD-solver, that allows to couple SU2 to other solvers via preCICE. In the moment it can be used for FSI simulations with any respective CSM-solver that has an adapter to preCICE. The SU2-preCICE adapter represents the Fluid part of the FSI-simulation and is able to write forces to and read displacementdeltas from its structural counterpart via preCICE.


Here you will find how to get the adapter and how to configure a case. A tutorial case that uses this adapter is the perpendicular flap tutorial.


[1] Alexander Rusch. Extending SU2 to Fluid-Structure Interaction via preCICE. Bachelor’s thesis, Munich School of Engineering, Technical University of Munich, 2016.