We are actively developing preCICE. These are some of the features you can expect in the future.

preCICE applies Semantic Versioning, introducing new functionality in minor and major releases. A minor release does not mean fewer changes than a major release, it only means that we add new functionality while keeping backwards compatibility. We release breaking changes only every few years, giving you time to focus on your project, keeping updates easy.

In this page, you can find information about features that we plan to introduce in next releases. This is not meant to be a strict schedule, but rather a hint on the directions that preCICE is heading towards. We also have a few issue milestones, which are updated more often. Issues and work packages of bigger features are generally grouped in projects.

If you are looking for features introduced already in the past, have a look at our Changelog.

In active development

  • Restructure the precice.org website and documentation
    • Get faster to the first steps for users (coming soon)
    • All user documentation in one place (not in different wikis, READMEs, …) (done)
    • Create a Community section to better communicate the size and contributions of the community, provide contribution guides (done)
    • Getting preCICE: first choose the target system, then get instructions for the specific system (coming soon)
  • Provide a reference virtual machine image with preCICE already installed (done)
  • Keep investing on Spack
  • Extend documentation on “How to write an adapter” (e.g. for mesh generation and moving meshes) (done)
  • Develop a tutorial on electromagnetics
  • Allow solver-based data mapping to support higher order shape functions
  • Create videos and upload them on YouTube
  • Organize a preCICE workshop again in 2021 (register now)
    • Offer again an optional (potentially longer) introductory course on the first day (e.g. Monday)
    • Add an overview talk on documentation (“Where is what”) and community (“How to become a good user”)
    • Start main part with an evening event (e.g. Monday dinner)
    • More presentations (and training) from users (open call)
    • More presentations on new and future features
    • Offer again optional hands-on user support to close the workshop

On our list