We are actively developing preCICE. These are some of the features you can expect in the future.
Updated 08 Feb 24

preCICE applies Semantic Versioning, introducing new functionality in minor and major releases. A minor release does not mean fewer changes than a major release, it only means that we add new functionality while keeping backwards compatibility. We release breaking changes only every few years, giving you time to focus on your project, keeping updates easy.

In this page, you can find information about features that we plan to introduce in next releases. This is not meant to be a strict schedule, but rather a hint on the directions that preCICE is heading towards. We also have a few issue milestones, which are updated more often. Issues and work packages of bigger features are generally grouped in projects.

If you are looking for features introduced already in the past, have a look at our Changelog.

In active development

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