It is time to install preCICE into the installation prefix chosen during preparation and used during the configuration with CMake.

To install preCICE run make install.

If the chosen prefix points to a system directory, you may have to run sudo make install.

Testing your installation

To test your installation please run make test_install. This will attempt to build our C++ example program against the installed version of the library. This is commonly known as the smoke test.

Make preCICE installation findable

In case you chose a user-wide prefix installation, see preparation section on the installation prefix, you need to extend some additional environment variables. This is needed such that other applications and preCICE adapters can find your preCICE installation. Please add the following lines your ~/.bashrc and replace <prefix> with your selected prefix:

PRECICE_PREFIX=~/software/prefix # set this to your selected prefix
# Enable detection with pkg-config and CMake

After adding these variables, please start a new session (open a new terminal or logout and login again).

Next steps

This concludes the preCICE installation and you should have a working installation of preCICE on your system.

To use preCICE in your project, see the page Linking to preCICE.