A handful of ready-to-run cases for you to build upon.

Tutorials are meant as starting points to build your own coupled simulations. Our collection has grown rapidly over the past few years and your contribution is very welcome!

You can find all tutorial case files in the tutorials repository. Get the latest release, or clone the Git repository to easily update them in the future:

git clone --branch=master --depth 1 https://github.com/precice/tutorials.git

Basic cases

We recommend that you start from one of the following cases, which you can quickly run on your laptop:

Flow with a perpendicular flap Flow over heated plate Partitioned heat conduction

Further cases

In the following cases, you can explore different aspects of preCICE:

Community projects

Apart from these simple tutorial cases, the community has tried preCICE in different setups. Check out our new community projects section in our forum, or read the community stories.