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preCICE workshops

Do you want to meet the community and learn what is new in preCICE? There is no better way than to join one of our workshops! We already had preCICE workshops in February 2020 (Munich), February 2021 (online/Stuttgart), February 2022 (online/Stuttgart), and February 2023 (Munich). The next workshop will be in September 2024 in Stuttgart. We are excited to continue to interact with all users/developers/interested-persons and enthusiasts of preCICE.

The preCICE forum

Meet the community online, ask questions, and help others at the preCICE forum on Discourse. Structured conversations, which help the future reader. We also post announcements from time to time, so make sure to register to be the first one to learn about new workshops and releases.

Are you looking for something else? Maybe one of the other community channels is for you.

Support preCICE

There are different ways how to support preCICE and get priority support from the preCICE developers in return. Find out which options.

How our community is using preCICE

We have compiled a community showcase with several of the most impressive preCICE implementations. The range of application fields is diverse, including e.g. simulating the temperatures on the moon, the biomechanics of the heart valve, modelling wind in urban areas, and simluating high impact loads on structures. You can find many more use cases on the projects page.

Do you use preCICE? Tell us your story and will be happy to feature it here!

Contributions to preCICE

Since its first commit in 2008, preCICE has been developed by three generations of doctoral students: look at the list of active and previous developers. Your (small or large) contributions are welcome.