I need help!

We have all been there: you start using a new tool, only to find out that you don’t know where to start from or who to contact if you need help. Is the project even active nowadays? Just talk to us and we hope that you will be happily surprised. Everybody is welcome! 🤗 By the way, please follow our code of conduct.

You can find us in a few different places, mainly on our preCICE forum on Discourse and on our Gitter chatroom. For quick questions, a short message on Gitter is perfect. For longer discussions, please use Discourse. In both cases, we will see and reply to your message as soon as we can (typically in a few hours) and we would be very happy if you also try to help other members of the community.

I want to stay up-to-date

Apart from Gitter & Discourse, you can also:

Apart from the above channels, we hope to see you in our preCICE workshop 2023 in Munich.

I want to contribute

You are always welcome to contribute to preCICE. We are doing all of our development on GitHub and we would be happy if you starred the repositories that interest you.