How to build the adapted CalculiX ccx_preCICE

After installing preCICE and getting the CalculiX source and the required dependencies, you can now build the adapter, i.e. a modified CCX executable.

Building the adapted CalculiX

  1. Download and unzip the adapter (e.g. in the CaluliX folder):

     cd calculix-adapter-master
  2. Edit the Makefile to set the paths to dependencies.
    • If you have the CalculiX source in ~/CalculiX/ and the dependencies in your global paths, you don’t need to change anything.
    • Otherwise, set CCX and, if built from source, the include and lib flags for SPOOLES, ARPACK, and yaml-cpp.
  3. Clean any previous builds with make clean.
  4. Build with make (e.g. make -j 4 for parallel).
  5. You should now have a new executable ccx_preCICE in the bin/ folder of the adapter. You may move this file to a path known by your system, or add this to your PATH (careful when doing this!).

Makefile options

The adapter is built using GNU Make. The Makefile contains a few variables on top, which need to be adapted to your system:

  1. CCX: Location of the original CalculiX solver (CCX) source code (“src” directory)
    • Example: $(HOME)/CalculiX/ccx_2.16/src
  2. SPOOLES_INCLUDE: Include flags for SPOOLES
    • Example 1: SPOOLES_INCLUDE = -I/usr/include/spooles/ (installed)
    • Example 2: SPOOLES_INCLUDE = -I$(HOME)/SPOOLES.2.2/ (source)
  3. SPOOLES_LIBS: Library flags for SPOOLES
    • Example 1: SPOOLES_LIBS = -lspooles (installed)
    • Example 2: SPOOLES_LIBS = $(HOME)/SPOOLES.2.2/spooles.a (source)
  4. ARPACK_INCLUDE: Include flags for ARPACK
    • Example 1: ARPACK_INCLUDE = (installed, nothing needed)
    • Example 2: ARPACK_INCLUDE = -I$(HOME)/ARPACK (source)
  5. ARPACK_LIBS: Library flags for ARPACK
    • Example 1: ARPACK_LIBS = -larpack -llapack -lblas (installed)
    • Example 2: ARPACK_LIBS = $(HOME)/ARPACK/libarpack_INTEL.a (source)
  6. YAML_INCLUDE: Include flags for yaml-cpp
    • Example 1: YAML_INCLUDE = -I/usr/include/ (installed)
    • Example 2: YAML_INCLUDE = -I$(HOME)/yaml-cpp/include (source)
  7. YAML_LIBS: Library flags for yaml-cpp
    • Example 1: YAML_LIBS = -lyaml-cpp (installed)
    • Example 2: YAML_LIBS = -L$(HOME)/yaml-cpp/build -lyaml-cpp (source)

You may also want to adjust the compiler FC from mpifort to mpif90 or to any other compiler your system uses.

Compiling with GCC 10 or newer

If you compile with GCC 10 or newer, you will get the following error, originating from CalculiX:

Error: Rank mismatch between actual argument at (1) and actual argument at (2) (rank-1 and scalar)

To work around this, you need to add -fallow-argument-mismatch to the FFLAGS inside Makefile:

- FFLAGS = -Wall -O3 -fopenmp $(INCLUDES)
+ FFLAGS = -Wall -O3 -fopenmp -fallow-argument-mismatch $(INCLUDES)

Notes on preCICE versions

In case you are using some very old preCICE version, please upgrade. Our community is happy to help you. Click here and keep reading if you loved preCICE v1.x and (optionally) wish The Beatles were still around.
  1. This adapter expects the preCICE C bindings in [prefix]/include/precice/SolverInterfaceC.h and gets this path from pkg-config. In other words, this assumes that preCICE (at least v1.4.0) has been built & installed with CMake (e.g. using a Debian package). In case you want to keep using preCICE built with SCons, see the changes invoked by Pull Request #14.
  2. Starting from preCICE v1.2.0, the name (and the respective paths) of the language “adapters” have changed to language “bindings”. This affects the line #include "precice/bindings/c/SolverInterfaceC.h" in calculix-adapter/adapter/PreciceInterface.c. To compile with older preCICE versions, change bindings to adapters.