preCICE needs to be configured at runtime via an xml file, typically named precice-config.xml. Here, you specify which solvers participate in the coupled simulation, which coupling data values they exchange, which numerical methods are used for the data mapping and the fixed-point acceleration and many other things. On this page, we give you an overview of the complete configuration section of the documentation.
Updated 08 Feb 24

You are new to preCICE and want to learn how the configuration works?

Have first a look at the introduction page. Here, we explain in which basic sections the configuration is structured and how the different sections are connected. Afterwards you can study the details of the main parts:

And some optional advanced parts:

You are already familiar with the preCICE configuration, but you don’t remember how a certain option was called?

Then you should look at the configuration reference. Also try the search here on top. The configuration reference is up to date with the last release of preCICE. If you need an older version, you can always generate this documentation yourself:

./precice-tools md >

There is also an xml variant of the reference. Just call precice-tools without arguments to see all options.

You want to visualize your configuration file?

Visualizing the configuration file is a good way to spot mistakes, but also to learn how the configuration is structured. Do not forget to try out the configuration visualizer.

You want to port your configuration file from preCICE v2.x to v3.x?

There is a separate page with all steps required for porting.