Run the Micro Manager from the terminal with a configuration file as input argument or from a Python script.
Updated 12 Jul 24

The Micro Manager is run directly from the terminal by providing the path to the configuration file as an input argument in the following way

micro-manager-precice micro-manager-config.json

The Micro Manager can also be run in parallel

mpiexec -n micro-manager-precice micro-manager-config.json

What Happens When a Micro Simulation Crashes?

If a micro simulation crashes and the Micro Manager is configured to interpolate a crashed micro simulation, the Micro Manager attempts to continue running. The error message from the micro simulation, along with the macro location are logged in the Micro Manager log file. The Micro Manager continues the simulation run even if a micro simulation crashes. Results of the crashed micro simulation are generated by interpolating results of a certain number of similar running simulations. The inverse distance weighed method is used. If more than 20% of global micro simulations crash or if locally no neighbors are available for interpolation, the Micro Manager terminates.