A tool to manage many micro simulations and couple them to a macro simulation via preCICE.
Updated 12 Jul 24

What is this?

The Micro Manager manages many simulations on a micro scale and couples them to one simulation on a macro scale. For the coupling itself, it heavily relies on the coupling library preCICE.

Micro Manager strategy schematic

What can it do?

The Micro Manager couples many micro simulations with one macro simulation. This includes …

  • … transferring scalar and vector data to and from a large number of micro simulations.
  • … running micro simulations in parallel using MPI.
  • … adaptively activating and deactivating micro simulations based on a similarity calculation.


To use the Micro Manager for a macro-micro coupling, your micro simulation code needs to be in a library format with a specific class name and functions with specific names. For a macro-micro coupled problem, the macro simulation code is coupled to preCICE directly. The section couple your code of the preCICE documentation gives more details on coupling existing codes. To setup a macro-micro coupled simulation using the Micro Manager, follow these steps: