Install the Micro Manager by running pip install --user micro-manager-precice.
Updated 12 Jul 24

Get the latest Micro Manager release

The Micro Manager can be installed using pip. Make sure preCICE is installed before installing the Micro Manager. The Micro Manager is compatible with preCICE version 2.3.0 and higher.

Option 1: Install from PyPI

The Micro Manager package has the name micro-manager-precice on PyPI. To install micro-manager-precice, run

pip install --user micro-manager-precice

Unless already installed, the dependencies will be installed by pip during the installation procedure. To enable crash handling by interpolation, the optional dependency sklearn is required. To install micro-manager-precice with sklearn, run

pip install --user micro-manager-precice[sklearn]

preCICE itself needs to be installed separately. If you encounter problems in the direct installation, see the dependencies section and optional dependency section below.

Option 2: Install manually

Required dependencies

Ensure that the following dependencies are installed:

Optional dependencies

Clone the Micro Manager

git clone

Install manually

To install using pip, go to the directory micro-manager/ and run

pip install --user .

To install using Python, go to the project directory micro-manager/ and run

python install --user

Get the latest development version

If you want to use the latest development version of the Micro Manager, clone the develop branch and then build manually using pip.

Next step

After successfully installing the Micro Manager, proceed to preparing your micro simulation for the coupling.