Updated 23 Feb 24

For some systems, preCICE is available in form of a pre-build package or a package recipe. These packages are build with enabled Python actions, MPI communication, and PETSc mapping. This section lists systems and instructions on how to install these packages.


You can download version-specific Ubuntu (Debian) packages from each GitHub release. To install, open it in your software center.

Alternatively, download & install it from the command line. For Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy):

wget https://github.com/precice/precice/releases/download/v3.1.2/libprecice3_3.1.2_jammy.deb
sudo apt install ./libprecice3_3.1.2_jammy.deb

We support the latest two Ubuntu LTS versions, as well as the latest normal Ubuntu release. Check the official release-cyle for more information and the version code names. As an example, change jammy to focal for 20.04.

Is a newer preCICE release out and we have not yet updated the above links? Please edit this page.

Arch Linux / Manjaro

We maintain a package in the Arch User Repository. Please have a look at the official AUR wiki page to find out how to install it.

The community also maintains a development version and several other packages.

Nix / NixOS

In addition to the community efforts listed above, preCICE and several of the bindings and adapters are available for Nix in the precice/nix-packages repository.

If you are using Nix (or NixOS for that matter), you can simply run the command

nix shell github:precice/nix-packages#precice-calculix-adapter github:precice/nix-packages#precice-openfoam-adapter

for instance, which will drop you into a shell with the CalculiX adapter and the OpenFOAM adapter accessible. For more information, please consult the README.md file in the repository. All available outputs of the Nix flake can be shown by running nix flake show github:precice/nix-packages.

The Nix flake also contains the outputs vm, iso and vagrant-vbox-image, which output a VM in several formats containing a remake of the preCICE distribution v2211.0. To run the preCICE VM you can, on a NixOS system, simply run nix run github:precice/nix-packages. Note that this will build all the components needed for the preCICE VM locally on your machine, if they cannot be fetched from the upstream binary cache. A full build of the VM can take several hours, depending on the hardware used. For more options have a look at the readme in the repository.

For all packages available upstream, see the NixOS search.

Something else

For other systems you need to either use Spack or build from source.

Community efforts

These packages are maintained by the preCICE community and may be occasionally outdated or not fully working. However, we appreciate the effort and you may be able to contribute to them.