A frozen state of component versions that work together.
Updated 03 Jun 24

What is the preCICE distribution?

preCICE is much more than the core library: it is a larger ecosystem that includes language bindings, adapters for popular solvers, tutorials, and more. We know that it can be difficult to figure out which versions to install, therefore we will be publishing here lists of known-to-work versions.

Releases of the preCICE distribution are irregular. The version of each distribution is yymm.r, reflecting the year, the month, and the revision (bugfixes) of the distribution. Bindings versions reflect compatibility with a specific preCICE version, while adapters use a completely independent versioning scheme. The tutorials follow a yyyymm.r scheme and are targeting the released versions of each component. The VM version is based on the tutorials version, followed by the VM revision. While the distribution uses two year digits for convenience, the tutorials and the VM use four digits to allow version comparisons with previous releases that already used four digits.


preCICE distribution v2404.0

This is the first release that includes preCICE v3.x.

It comprises the following components:


preCICE distribution v2211.0

This is the last release that works with preCICE v2.x.

It comprises the following components:


preCICE distribution v2202.0

This is a scheduled release in the context of the preCICE Workshop 2022.

It comprises the following components:


preCICE distribution v2104.0

This is the first preCICE distribution version, coming after the restructuring of our tutorials.

It comprises the following components: