Updated 24 Jul 23

You want to couple your own code? In this section, you learn how to do that.

Do I need to be a preCICE expert to couple my own code?

No, not at all. Much more important is that you know the code you want to couple very well. Everything related to preCICE will come easy then.

Application programming interface

Coupling your own code means basically to work with the preCICE API. Go to this page for an overview of the available languages and some helpful links.

Are you just getting started to couple your code?

There is a step-by-step guide, which takes you through all necessary steps to couple your own code. We recommend that you first have a brief look at all steps before you start. Afterwards, you can really couple your code step by step: read what the next step is about and then implement it in your code.

Advanced topics

There is a list of advanced topics. These topics are not all relevant to every user. They deal with specific problems for certain types of codes: how to handle FEM meshes, how to handle moving meshes, etc.

You want to port your adapter to a newer preCICE version?

There are specific pages on porting adapters from preCICE between major versions.