While working with the CalculiX adapter, you may run onto common issues. This is a collection of what we know could go wrong.
Updated 27 Jul 22

This list is definitely not complete. If after reading this, you still have issues, please ask in the preCICE forum.

Things to check

  • Are you using the same version of CalculiX and of the CalculiX adapter? The adapter installation works by replacing files of the original CalculiX, so they should be compatible.
  • Can you manually run the ccx_preCICE binary?
    • It should be in your $PATH
    • If autocompletion does not work (e.g. ccx_ + TAB key), then it is probably not in your $PATH.
  • Our tutorials also require CGX (pre- and post-processor of CalculiX).
    • Is CGX installed?
    • Is OpenGL (required by CGX) installed?