This page explains how to build the CalculiX adapter on SuperMUC. Even though SuperMUC was shut down in 2019, this page may still be useful for other clusters.
Updated 16 Nov 22

In order to install CalculiX and the adapter on superMUC, a number of dependencies are first required. Initially, preCICE must be installed

Additionally, SPOOLES, ARPACK and yaml-cpp are required.

To install SPOOLES, some changes are necessary.

  1. makefile: ~/SPOOLES.2.2/Tree/src/makeGlobalLib contains an error: file drawTree.c does not exist and should be replaced by tree.c.
  2. Changes to the file must be done according to the CalculiX install Manual, page 16 and 17.

In installing ARPACK, the HOME directory needs to be specified in the “” file. No changes are necessary for the Makefile. To install ARPACK, run “make lib” in the ARPACk directory.

Any problems with the installation of SPOOLES and ARPACK can be searched in the installation instructions.

To install yaml-cpp, run in the source directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

make install

yaml-cpp 0.5.3 is known to work. Newer version may also work. yaml-cpp can be downloaded from

wget -O - | tar xz 

Module List

The following modules available in superMUC are known to work for the CalculiX adapter installation.

  1. python/3.5_anaconda_nompi
  2. scons/3.0.1
  3. valgrind/3.10
  4. petsc/3.8
  5. boost/1.65_gcc
  6. gcc/6

Makefile Changes

The paths to the CalculiX CCX, SPOOLES, ARPACK and YAML must be specified. Line 61: “FC = mpifort” can be commented out and replaced with “FC = gfortran”.

The path to the pkgconfig file needs to be stated. The command “export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/lib/pkgconfig” must be provided. It is easier to install preCICE with the “CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX” set to the path where preCICE is installed.

Adapter Installation

To install the adapter, the command with the following configurations is known to work: