preCICE v3.1.2
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GatherScatterCommunication.hpp File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "DistributedCommunication.hpp"
#include "com/SharedPointer.hpp"
#include "logging/Logger.hpp"
#include "mesh/SharedPointer.hpp"
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class  precice::m2n::GatherScatterCommunication
 Implements DistributedCommunication by using a gathering/scattering methodology. Arrays of data are always gathered and scattered at the primary. No direct communication between secondary ranks is used. For more details see m2n/DistributedCommunication.hpp. More...


namespace  precice
 Main namespace of the precice library.
namespace  precice::m2n
 contains the logic of the parallel communication between participants.