preCICE v3.1.1
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namespace  precice
 Main namespace of the precice library.
namespace  precice::acceleration
 contains implementations of acceleration schemes.
namespace  precice::action
 contains actions to modify exchanged data.
namespace  precice::com
 contains the data communication abstraction layer.
namespace  precice::com::serialize
 contains serialization logic
namespace  precice::constants
 contains names for files and common value types.
namespace  precice::cplscheme
 contains implementations of coupling schemes for coupled simulations.
namespace  precice::io
 provides Import and Export of the coupling mesh and data.
namespace  precice::logging
 contains the logging framework.
namespace  precice::m2n
 contains the logic of the parallel communication between participants.
namespace  precice::mapping
 contains data mapping from points to meshes.
namespace  precice::math
 provides general mathematical constants and functions.
namespace  precice::mesh
 provides Mesh, Data and primitives.
namespace  precice::partition
 contains the partitioning of distributed meshes.
namespace  precice::profiling
 contains profiling utilities.
namespace  precice::query
 contains geometrical queries.
namespace  precice::testing
 contains the testing framework.
namespace  precice::time
 contains the time interpolation logic.
namespace  precice::utils
 contains precice-related utilities.
namespace  precice::xml
 contains the XML configuration parser.