preCICE v3.1.1
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1#pragma once
3#include <map>
4#include <memory>
5#include <string>
6#include <vector>
7#include "logging/Logger.hpp"
8#include "xml/XMLTag.hpp"
10namespace precice {
11namespace logging {
12class Logger;
13} // namespace logging
15namespace xml {
16class XMLTag; // forward declaration to resolve circular import
17struct ConfigurationContext;
77} // namespace xml
78} // namespace precice
std::string prefix
This class provides a lightweight logger.
Definition Logger.hpp:16
void OnTextSection(const std::string &ch)
Callback for text sections in xml file.
ConfigParser(const std::string &filePath, const ConfigurationContext &context, std::shared_ptr< XMLTag > pXmlTag)
Parser ctor for Callback init.
void OnEndElement()
Callback for End-Tag.
std::shared_ptr< precice::xml::XMLTag > m_pXmlTag
void OnStartElement(std::string localname, std::string prefix, CTag::AttributePair attributes)
Callback for Start-Tag.
void connectTags(const ConfigurationContext &context, std::vector< std::shared_ptr< precice::xml::XMLTag > > &DefTags, CTagPtrVec &SubTags)
Connects the actual tags of an xml layer with the predefined tags.
int readXmlFile(std::string const &filePath)
Reads the xml file.
static precice::logging::Logger _log
static void MessageProxy(int level, const std::string &mess)
Proxy for error and warning messages from libxml2.
std::string decodeXML(std::string xml)
Decodes escape sequences of a given xml.
Main namespace of the precice library.
Struct holding the read tag from xml file.
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< CTag > > m_aSubTags
Tightly coupled to the parameters of Participant()
Definition XMLTag.hpp:24